Network Access Registration Form

In order to get your computer or printer connected to the UB network, you may need to request an IP address.

Wireless Access for Personal and University Owned Systems

Users of laptops and other systems with wireless network capabilities do not need to register their devices using the form below if they will be using the wireless connection with UB Secure (this is the recommended access choice for UB's wireless campus network for both University owned and personal systems).

Wired Access for Personally Owned Systems

Users who wish to connect personal systems to the UB network using wired connections should probably use OpenPort. If an existing network connection (wall jack or switch port) needs to be changed to OpenPort, please fill out the form under Data Communications / Network Access on this page; include contact info, location, service desired, and number of users. If you have questions about OpenPort or the form feel free to contact SENShelp.

Wired Access for University Owned Systems

If you will be using the wired (wall jack) connection for a University owned system, you should fill out the form below, making sure you give us the physical Ethernet (MAC) address of the wired connection, not the wireless connection. Your request will be handled by the end of the following business day.

All incomplete forms will be automatically rejected. If you need to specify "OTHER" in a menu field because the name you need to enter is missing, please put the correct name in the comments section.

Network Access Registration Form

Machine Information
Contact Information
Enter a UBITname and press "Lookup" to auto-complete the contact information.
If you used the automatic lookup then the user's department affiliation is displayed above.
Select the general department that best matches this affiliation from the dropdown box.
System Information
Should include the new name and domain, e.g.,, etc.
Please try to keep the machine name to 12 characters or less.
If the correct building isn't listed, please specify. Please also enter the room designation if available.
By default, your computer or other device will get any available network address, using a system called "DHCP", and this is fine for most purposes. If, however, your device absolutely requires a network address that does not change (this is mostly needed for printers and servers), we can assign it a static IP address.
Example: 00:08:0C:AF:E0:00
Additional Information
Do you need any assistance to install this system?
Briefly provide any additional information or instructions reguarding this request. (200 characters or less)
AD Request Options
Group Information