Purchasing Equipment and Software

SENS can provide guidance for purchases of computer equipment and related hardware by faculty, staff, and students, and can assist faculty and staff with such purchases. We work closely with vendors such as Dell and Apple to provide quality, standardized equipment at competitive prices.

We can also help you find the best sources for software, including the UBIT software site, node and departmental software availability, third-party resellers, and purchasing direct from the manufacturer.

Please Note: Before purchasing a computer with Microsoft Windows 8 on it, please read the current campus recommendation regarding support for Windows 8 at UB. Also, we can't stress strongly enough that none of the home versions of Windows are appropriate for University use; the "Enterprise" and "Ultimate" versions are the flavors licensed by UB and supported by SENS.

Student Computer Hardware Purchases

UBit has a set of student computer recommendations designed to help you make good choices when purchasing the computer you will be using for your University work. Representatives from SENS are part of the committee that reviews these guidelines on a yearly basis, and we believe these computers are appropriate for the course work being performed by the departments we support.

Please note: Due to limited resources, SENS cannot support student-owned systems.

Faculty and Staff Computer Hardware Purchases

SENS has a long history of assisting faculty and staff with purchases of computing equipment. We are happy to work with you to find the computer that best meets your needs, at the best possible prices. We can also help with quotes for grant proposals and with specifications for computing laboratory upgrades. We will also set up, install, and support your computer, whether it be based on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, or some other platform (we support a variety of operating systems).

UB2020 Standard Configuration Systems

SENS is a strong advocate of the UB2020 Standard Configuration Systems program, and is asking our community to consider purchasing them in all areas where they are appropriate. At the present time we have standard configurations available from Dell and Apple, and are working with other vendors. We can help find what memory, processor, hard drive, display, and other upgrade options are available, and are happy to work with the faculty and staff we support to make these systems meet their needs, or to help configure alternative systems where they are not appropriate. The Dell systems specified in this initiative are appropriate for both Microsoft Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, by the way.

Accessories, Peripherals, and Supplies

The UBBusiness site has some recommended vendors for computer upgrades, printers, scanners, supplies, and other such items. This page also has a link describing guidelines that must be followed when making such purchases.

Other Considerations

Please note: We cannot assist with the setup or maintenance of faculty or staff equipment purchased with personal funds for personal use, due to limited staff resources at the present time.

Student Computer Software Purchases

The first source for essential computer software is the UBIT software site web site. This includes software that helps secure your computer and software that will of benefit to your academic work.

Faculty and Staff Computer Software Purchases

Software is available from a variety of sources. Here are a few that we hope will be helpful to you.

As with students, The first source for essential computer software is the UBIT software site web site. Many computer systems set up and installed by SENS already have most of these tools on them, so you will probably not need to download them unless your computer was not set up by us. Also, please be careful where it is recommended that software be purchased; those recommendations may be for students, and in some cases we may already have licenses for faculty and staff use.

This section is a work-in-progress and incomplete. Information about node and departmental software availability, third-party resellers, and purchasing direct from the manufacturer is coming soon ...