UBiquity Linux

A Picture of Tux, the Linux mascot

UBLinux is an installation of Linux based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, customized to meet UB's security requirements and to mesh well with other University services. This distribution is intended for UB students, faculty and staff who want to use Linux and have access to the many software packages and services available at UB.

Remote Access to SENS Linux Software

Linux software commonly used in Bell 101 and other places can be accessed remotely in places such as the Capen public labs by using the X-Win32 software. This page will describe how to establish remote connections to such software when Bell 101 is closed.

Capen 1st floor and Capen 3rd floor are 24x7 locations. For more information on the Public Sites Cybrary stations, here is a link that tells where they are and describes what software is on them.

Accessing SENS Linux Timshares

In Capen, for example, log on to one of the public Microsoft Windows workstations. Start the X-Win32 software, and establish a connection to "linux.eng.buffalo.edu". Log in using the same username and password that you normally use in Bell 101. Then, start the software package you wish to use.

Available Software Packages

At the prompt, launch the software product you wish to use. Some software requires the use of the "use" command, some does not. Here are some examples:

  • use matlab
  • use mathematica
  • use cadence
  • use maple
  • eclipse
  • greenfoot

Typing "use" by itself will show all software that can be accessed via the "use" command.