For continuing information and updates from SEAS on COVID-19, please refer to the school's SEAS COVID-19 Information page. Updates from UB's administration can be found on this COVID-19 information page.

We are assembling resources to assist with distance learning and other remote communication needs. Please click the "Remote Access" and "Remote Learning" tabs, above, for more information. To make the process of working from home more effective, here are suggested preparations for faculty and staff.

March 18 Update: If you are currently using VPN, there is a new client you should install on your home or other remote system, using the instructions found here.

March 24 Update: We have instructions for installing Digital Signatures for Email.

March 30 Update: WiFi service is now available in the Furnas parking lot. This coverage map shows the service quality in various parts of the lot.

March 31 Update: We have instructions for installing Digital Signatures for Adobe PDF Files.

April 2 Update: Please check the Software for Students page for information about student versions of software found in SENS computer labs.

Science & Engineering Node Services (SENS) is a full-service, customer-oriented support organization at the University at Buffalo that provides computer and technical support and assistance for seven of the eight departments of UB Engineering (SEAS) and the five departments of the College of Arts and Sciences who comprise the Natural Sciences & Mathematics (NSM) disciplines. For CSE support, please visit their IT staff page.

SENS maintains a diverse set of facilities and provides a variety of services including local account creation, timeshare services, email hosting, official and personal web site hosting, consulting, and many other functions for a community of about 7,000 users. For more about SENS, please read our "About SENS" page.

Now that we've introduced ourselves, we welcome you to SENS and encourage you to read how to get started working in our environment.