SENS supports various computing facilities, including: Computer laboratories and classrooms, which our community use directly for instruction and research; a server room that is home to the systems that run our core services; and a work room where we install and repair systems.

SENS Technology Equipped Classrooms and Meeting Rooms

SENS supports several technology equipped classrooms and meeting rooms.

SENS Laboratory and Classroom Facilities

SENS supports many computing laboratory and classroom facilities around campus. In the following sections are brief descriptions of them, and clicking on the link for a lab or classroom will take you to a page that describes that room's configuration in more detail.

In general, the connotation "laboratory" implies a computing facility that is open for use without restriction. The designation "classroom" denotes a facility with scheduled hours and which is used primarily for instruction. Facilities with both nomenclatures are generally used for scheduled instruction purposes during the day, and are open for general-purpose computing at night.

Some of the software used in these rooms can be accessed remotely from other labs or from personal systems. Please see our Remote Access Computing Services for more information on our remote services.

SENS Unix/Linux Workstation Classrooms and Laboratories

SENS open to public Linux lab:

101 Bell Hall
A SENS Linux lab which is open for after hours usage

SENS Unix/Linux Workstation Departmental Laboratories

SENS maintains two departmental Unix/Linux labs:

340 Bell Hall
A cooperative SENS/CSE Linux classroom and laboratory.

SENS PC Departmental Laboratories

SENS maintains ten departmental PC labs:

216 Bell Hall
An Industrial and Systems Engineering laboratory.
314 Bonner Hall
A Biomedical Engineering laboratory.
211/212 Furnas Hall
A SENS Windows classroom and laboratory.
213/214 Furnas Hall
An Electrical Engineering laboratory.
416/417 Furnas Hall
An Electrical Engineering laboratory.
810/811 Furnas Hall
An Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering laboratory.
1018 Furnas Hall
A SENS/CSEE Windows classroom and laboratory.
1019 Furnas Hall
A Mechanical/Chemical Engineering laboratory.
216 Jarvis Hall
A Mechanical/Chemical Engineering laboratory.
101 Ketter Hall
A Civil Engineering laboratory.
208 Ketter Hall
A Civil Engineering laboratory.

The SENS Server Room

In addition to the computers you see in labs, research facilities, and offices, there are many other computers that work "behind the scenes" to keep everything working together and providing the resources that make up the UBiquity model. These computers are located in our server room, which has a raised floor, dedicated air conditioning, and conditioned power. This room can also be used by researchers who need a place to house computing engines, clusters, and other servers.

The SENS Work Room

The SENS Work Room in 114 Bell hall, known to our staff as "The Lab", is where we install, repair, and provide maintenance for many of the computers used throughout our Node. There are almost always staff and students in there, and it is the preferred location for deliveries of new equipment.