Remote Access to SENS and UB Services

To protect the integrity of SENS and UB computing and network services, direct connections from computers outside of the local UB network are blocked. However, UB supports the Virtual Private Network (VPN) protocol, which allows for secure access from off-site systems. This UBit web page has instructions on how to configure your computer to use the AnyConnect VPN software.

Work From Off Campus

If you need to work from off-campus locations. Prerequisites for working from an off-campus location.

Remote Desktop Access

UBIT has published instructions on how to access your work computer from home. Please note that it must be powered on, and it needs to have been configured by SENS for remote access. Please send email to if you need to access your work computer from a remote location.

Also, you must have Duo configured to automatically push requests to your phone app or have it call your phone. You can do this from the Duo Two-Step Verification Manager page.

Once you connect, you will see your work desktop on your home computer, and will be able to do the same computer activities that you would normally do at your desk.

SENS has a procedure to automatically perform the steps listed n the instructions on the UBit remote access web pages (see below). Please send email to and we can provide you with a ".rdp" file that will configure your remote desktop client automatically.

Here are instructions for off-site Windows and Macintosh systems, if you do not wish to use the SENS automatic procedure or if there is a technical issue preventing you from doing so:

SENS Virtual Lab

The SENS Virtual Lab provides VDI access to supported software from on or off campus . Directions on how to connect to SENS Virtual Lab

SENS Timeshare Systems

The SENS timeshare systems provide remote access to Linux software, as well as for long-term "batch" operation. The pool of timeshare systems are collectively known as "", and command-line connections can be made using client software such as PuTTY and SSH. Graphical connections using the X Window 11 protocol can be made using software such as XMing.

We ask that users not run more than one CPU intensive process on the timeshares at the same time. Also, the timeshares will be rebooted on occasion, usually the first week of the month, to install updates.

For more details, please refer to the SENS Timeshare Services page.

UBunix Timeshare Systems

Please see the previous section, as the instructions also apply to the UBunix timeshare systems.