SENS offers support services in the categories shown below. You may need a service we haven't thought to put on these lists, but we might be able to provide it if you ask. Please send a request for any such service or services and we will be happy to see what we can do to meet your needs.

SENS Remote Access Computing Services

SENS provides a Linux timeshare computing environment, which allows access to a variety of Linux software packages. These systems can be used for batch processing, programs that require more resources than a workstation contains, and services for remote users.

To access SENS and UB services from a location other than a UB campus, please refer to the Remote Access page.

SENS Core Services

Academic Services

Research Services

There are clustered computing systems available for high performance research needs.SENS does not have a general-use cluster, but our friends at CCR have some impressive facilities available for researchers.

  • Grant support, including grant-writing, research, vendor negotiations and quotes
  • High-end hardware and software support
  • Prototyping, research disk maintenance, visualization & multimedia services>