UB2020 Standard System Configurations

As part of the UB2020 IT Strategic Transformation initiative, UB is able to offer personal computer systems from Dell and Apple in standard configurations at deeply discounted prices, as shown on this web page.

Science and Engineering Node Services (SENS) has been part of this initiative since its inception. We have worked with both the Workstation Standardization team and the CIO's office on this effort, and our staff members advocate the purchase of these systems in any and all areas where they meet the appropriate needs.

For clarification as to why SENS is encouraging faculty, staff, and other employees to purchase these systems, we ask that you consider the following points:


  • These are quality units that will withstand the rigors of day-to-day University use.
  • These systems are powerful enough to have an effective lifespan of at least 3-4 years.
  • They have extended warranties to cover repair costs through their projected lifespan.
  • The prices are significantly lower than can be found elsewhere for comparable Dell units.

Added Features

  • Asset tagging so we can track these machines throughout their "lives" at UB.
  • Theft recovery technologies for the laptop and notebook systems.
  • A pre-installed software configuration tailored for the needs of the UB community.
  • Zero-landfill reclamation with data scrubbing that meets Federal and NYS privacy standards.


  • Standardized hardware means quicker turn-around time on repair work from UB Micro and the Nodes.
  • Familiarity with standardized hardware and operating systems facilitates efficient resolution of problems.
  • Ongoing imaging process will mean greater ability to repair software problems and redeploy systems.
  • System configurations will be more consistent, aiding assistance from support staff and help desk staff.

Staffing Considerations

  • SENS can save hours per system in initial deployment by working with standardized systems.
  • We can repair, maintain, and redeploy these systems more efficiently.
  • We can draw on in-house or Dell resources to solve unusual problems more effectively.
  • Computing labs can be imaged more rapidly and consistently when the hardware is identical.
  • Use of these systems will increase our capacity to manage more systems per staff member or student and allow us to increase our availability to work on other projects, both internal and for our community.

Similar agreements with other vendors are in discussion, as well as discussions of other classes of hardware such as workstations and blade servers, and we will keep you informed of the results of these negotiations. We also recognize that the standard configuration systems do not meet all needs, and are happy to work with our community to obtain appropriate equipment with standard University and/or other educational discounts.

As always, we in SENS appreciate your continued support of our operation. Thank you.