Policies for SENS Timeshare Systems and Citrix Systems

The following policies apply to our timeshare systems, including the Solaris and Linux timeshare pools:

  • Please run only one CPU intensive job on a particular timeshare.
  • Do not "hog" system resources, such as using multiple CPUs, running jobs at a high priority level, or performing excessive disk I/O in temporary directories. We have many users trying to use the same resources; courtesy and cooperation are essential.
  • If you have a need for large computing resources, please send email to SENShelp and we will try to accommodate your needs.
  • We reserve the right to terminate processes that we feel are having an adverse effect on the system. In such cases, we will attempt to contact the user prior to terminating the process.
  • Direct connections from off-campus are not permitted. Preferred methods of accessing our timeshares are via on-campus systems, using a VPN link, via the UBUnix timeshares, or by dialing in to the UB PPP modem pool, as described in more detail on this page.

Failure to comply with these policies can lead to account deactivation.