Windows Defender Statement

SENS Community,

SENS will be deploying the new Microsoft Defender antivirus/antimalware software on 6/24/2021 to all SENS supported Windows computers.

The new antivirus/antimalware software is a planned replacement to the current Symantec Endpoint Protection software that will be retired at the end of the summer.

The antivirus deployment process will behave in the following manner:

1. After the scheduled deadline, Software Center will begin to download the Symantec Endpoint Protection uninstall script and remove your Symantec Endpoint Protection software. You will see the following messages once the process starts on your system.

A screenshot of the Symantec Uninstaller Box
A screenshot of the Symantec Uninstaller Box

2. Upon completion of the reconfiguration, you will receive the following message to restart your computer. Once prompted, you will have 2 hours to reboot your computer before it automatically restarts.

A screenshot of the Symantec Uninstaller Box

Please be sure to reboot at your earliest convenience as this will further minimize disruptions to your daily tasks and research. If you have any questions or concerns, please submit a ticket to and we will assist with your inquiries.

Thank you.