SENS Best Practices for Using HOD

Diagnosing Problems with HOD

If you are unable to log into HOD through Internet Explorer please try the following:

  1. Try using Firefox. Or:
  2. Manually configure Java settings for use with Internet Explorer:
    1. At the Start Menu in Windows type “Configure Java”.
    2. Click on "Configure Java".
    3. The Java Control Panel will open.
    4. Select the Security tab.
    5. Slide the Security Level slider at the bottom to Medium.
    6. Click on the button “Edit Site List”.. Add.
    7. Copy this URL:
    8. Click "OK".
    9. Click "OK" again to close.
    Open Internet Explorer and retry the cached client:
  3. If the above steps don’t work, then clear the temporary files:
    1. Again from the Java Control Panel, (at the Start Menu in Windows type “Configure Java”).
    2. Under the "General" tab, click the "Settings.." button under the "Temporary Internet Files" section.
    3. The "Temporary Files Settings" dialog box appears.
    4. Click the "Delete Files.." button. The "Delete Files and Applications" dialog box appears.
    5. Click "OK"; This deletes all the downloaded applications and applets from the cache.
    6. Finally, make sure “Keep temporary files on my computer” is unchecked
    7. Click "OK"
    8. Click "OK" again to close
    Open Internet Explorer and retry the cached client:

If you are still unable to connect to HOD please send an email to for further assistance.