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siemens-1 UB has received a software grant from Siemens through their Siemens Digital Industries Software Academic Program, which includes NX, Simcenter, and a number of other computer-aided design tools; the full story regarding the grant can be found here. The Siemens software is currently used by numerous local industries including Moog Inc., Ford Motors, General Motors, and Lockheed Martin Corporation. See the following sections for information regarding software access, training, and certification.

Siemens Xcelerator Webinar September 14, 2022

If you missed the Siemens Accelerator Academy Webinar with UB, check it out here

Software Access

The Siemens software is available in several on-campus Engineering labs, including 1018 Furnas and 1019 Furnas. The software may be installed on university-owned MS Windows based machines through the Software Center.

You can also access the Siemens software from any Windows/Linux/Mac/Android device using SENS Virtual Lab .


As a UB student, you have access to Siemens Xcelerator Academy , which provides access to a library of on-demand courses for Siemens software products. Students will first need to self-register for their membership following these instructions: Siemens self registration. Instructions for navigating Xcelerator Academy can be accessed here.

Many additional resources are also available through the Siemens Software YouTube Channel. Here you will find Siemens branded information relative to industry and academic use cases, best practices, and applications relative to Siemens Digital Industries Software. Additionally, there are informational “how to” application videos, as well as general overview videos that describe the applications contained within the Siemens software portfolio.

You can also check out the free training events offered through NX University; virtual events are periodically offered.


Students can become certified through Siemens Academic Certification Program. Completing a certification is an excellent way to demonstrate knowledge and proficiency to future employers.

Case Studies

  • Terrible Herbst Motorsports customer video
  • Ashley Kimbel HS student video on designing prosthetic foot for veteran
  • Oakland University Experiential Learning case study
  • IUPUI Electric Skateboard case study
  • University of Michigan case study
  • University of Maryland case study
  • University of Cincinnati case study
  • White Papers

  • Design for Purpose
  • Developing the Design of Prosthetics with NX
  • Simulation Driven Ship Design
  • Heavy Equipment Durability and Structural Integrity
  • Analysts can work faster and better
  • Accelerating Product Design through Digital Transformation
  • Digital Twins for Spacecraft Design
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