SENS Remote Lab Access

Computing labs maintained by SENS often have software on the computers in them that is not readily available elsewhere. To assist with using such software, SENS has created a RemoteLab service which will allow users to access those computers using a remote desktop connection (RDP).

Required Software

To connect to a lab cmputer, your device will need to have a Remote Desktop client installed. Microsoft’s official client is available for the following operating systems:

Operating SystemObtained From
WindowsRemote Desktop Connection is built into Windows.
LinuxUse an unofficial client such as Remmina

Connecting to a Lab Machine

⚠️Some users have reported difficulties logging into Remote Lab using certain web browsers. If you are receiving an incorrect username/password error while following the instructions below, please try using a different web browser.

  1. If off campus, make sure you connect to UBVPN first.
  2. Go to and sign-in with your UB Credentials.
    Linux MATLAB Menu Selection
  3. Select a Pool you can access.
    Linux MATLAB Menu Selection
  4. Click “Make My Reservation”
    Linux MATLAB Menu Selection
  5. Click “Connect to Remote Lab”.Linux MATLAB Menu Selection
  6. This will download an RDP file. You should be able to open it to establish a connection.
    Linux MATLAB Menu Selection
  7. Use your UBIT Credentials to login to the PC.
    Linux MATLAB Menu Selection
  8. When you are ready to log out, save all your work to your local machine or in UBBox (any data not saved to your personal machine or UBbox will be lost). After saving, click the red “Sign out” icon on the Desktop.
    Linux MATLAB Menu Selection


  • If you do not connect to your session within 10 minutes the reservation is lost.
  • If your session stays idle for 15 minutes it will be disconnected any unsaved data will be lost.