Self Service

Users of SENS-supported Macintosh computers can leverage the JAMF Self Service application to install software without the need for administrative support. This page shows an example using the "Cisco Jabber" software, but the procedure is the same for all software provided by Self Service.

1. To start, select the “Finder” bar on your Mac. If the bar doesn’t say “Finder” next to the apple, click anywhere on the empty desktop to change it.

A screenshot of the macOS Finder bar

2. Select the “Go” title and then select “Applications” from that submenu.

A screenshot of the Go menu with the Applications item selected

3. In the “Applications” folder, double click on “Self Service” from the list of applications.

A screenshot of the Self Service app in the Applications folder

4. You will now be presented with the Mac “Self Service” portal.

A screenshot of the Self Service Main Window

5. To find an application, you can search one of three ways:

  1. Scroll through the list of applications.
  2. Use the letters in the left column to search by category (applications in this list are grouped by name of application).
  3. Use the Search box.

For the “Jabber” example, click the letters “JKL” to search for Jabber:

A screenshot of the Self Service Jabber installer

Click on “Cisco Jabber”.

6. Click the “Install” button to install Jabber on your Mac.

A screenshot of the Self Service Jabber installer

7. Jabber is now installed.